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April 23, 2006


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And the MSM has become all-powerful. I remember reading in a sociology class one time that if you keep saying a lie over and over and over and over again . . .eventually people believe it. It's a propaganda strategy. That's exactly what has happened with the MSM and the left.

I'm finding it extremely entertaining to see the lefties become the censors. It's amusing to see those who want every Christian symbol dishonored, all sex to be open market for all to see (especially children), anything that is a backlash against "the establishment" tarnished... and if you object, you're just a poor idiot, too simple to understand such elevated things.

But let a piece of art come along that they object to... and suddenly it's the artist who is wrong and if there were only justice in the world - he'd be in jail for a hate crime. Oh it is just too rich. What incredible hypocrits.

Ditto Carol's comment. I was going to say the exact same thing.

The arrogance and hubris of many is really pitiful even as it is understandable. Obviously someone who has spent the major part of their time in a narrow field knows more about that subject than most people who haven't. To transpose this limited superior knowledge into supposing one's knowledge is vast and superior in unrelated fields is moronic. That is what many of the "we know what is best for you" class are. Moronic.

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