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April 13, 2006


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When and where have Kerry and his sour band of Democrats and liberals ever been stifled and/or prevented from saying anything and everything to undermine the war in Iraq and the Bush administration?

All these folks do is yak-yak-yak about oppression and suppression of their free speech rights 24/7 .

I am continually amazed that liberals confuse criticism of their speech with "stifling" of their "dissent".

Tara got the main part - but what I really want to know is... what is this man's definition of a "personal conversation"? I mean c'mon... Faneuil Hall - I am assuming he means for more than 5-10 people to show up. How "personal" can it be? I must have a different dictionary...

In a similar vein, check out:

Run Away, or I will taunt you a second time!

Brilliant commentary on the loony left's plan to abandon AmeriKa:



THEY keep threatening to run away (to Canada, to France, whevever) but THEY NEVER DO! I have some packing boxes I could give them.

It seemed like a probable-enough typo to me (donot instead of donor), since the T and the R are right next to one another on the keyboard.

I've seen plenty of people that don't compose mass-mail from scratch... they create a template, and then just change the details for each instance.

The obvious problem is the one you see... if you're dim enough (or arrogant enough) to not use a spell-checker for this kind of semi-public communication form, then one error in your template can replicate every time you use it.

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