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April 25, 2006


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Ahh. Hope The Babe feels much better very soon!

Poor Baby... and poor Sissy and Tuck... all this veterinary back and forth. Hope the furbabies are now set for the summer with no more problems.

So glad that both Tiny and Baby are over their sneezes and feeling better. There is nothing more upsetting to a pet parent when their poor animal is sick and can't really tell us what is wrong.

Timmy had a couple of sneezing fits last week and they completely cracked me up - he kept looking around to see where they came from! I've had other cats that did that as well. And yes, Tim is just fine - given his flying rush to the food station this morning wherein he positively went airborne over the slower moving Sam! In the long jump, he would have scored a 10 PLUS! My little Siamese athlete!

brilliant buttsky!

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