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April 26, 2006


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It is great to see the boys constructively stay out of mischief. The cap is wonderful advertizing for C.F. Jameson & Co., manufaturers of sophisticated finishes for automobile interior parts.

Yes, TB was certainly rampant back in the day. My grandmother (father's mother) lost half a lung to TB when she was 45. She lived to be 99.

My husband takes an axe and splits our logs for kindling - seems to work pretty well - but he doesn't do too much at one time. It's nice to know you can rent those log splitters though - I never thought of that!


Email just bounced. We're on for tomorrow, 6:30 at the Hillel, 3rd floor cafeteria for eats. Be there or be the geometrical object of your choice.


I emailed you too Sissy and it came back. Wanted to show you the oak tree with leaves. Laura

Laura Lee -- Please try sending again. 'Can't wait to verify ID.

I tried again last night and the email bounced back. Will try again.

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