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April 07, 2006


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Well, much depends on why you're oblivious to the reaction of those around you. Politicians could never be classified as autistic - the reason many of them don't or won't pick up on the audience reaction is because they love hearing themselves talk - they're so focused on their own wit they tend to ignore the audience.

With autism though - you have people who literally can't process social cues. It's well proven - plus they are literal in the extreme. So unless you stood up in front of them and told them you were bored out of your skull... they would never figure it out by watching body language. (also they would be at pains to tell you that since your skull is intact - you couldn't possibly be bored out of it)

However, autistic or borderline autistic (Asperger's syndrome) people are often extremely talented at science and math - therefore the possibility of them eventually trying to express their ideas to others increases as they get farther along in the academic world.

I'm not sure that it would really work though because they are assuming that people with autism and Apserger's actually "care" if people find them boring...

I enjoyed your fine post.

I remain amazed, there are Democrat partisans who still seem blind to the unethical nature of Mr. Clinton and Ms. Rodham...

After the continued slide of the DNC, since the Clintons entered the National stage, one would believe they would rethink this unhealthy relationship.

Oddly, many in that Party, seem to enjoy being dishonest, as if this is in their best interest.

It seems entirely insulting for the American Public...

Excellent thoughts as always and I also appreciate the previous comment of HNAV.

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