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April 10, 2006


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Look at COTV 185 and you'll know my opinion on the subject.

If you don't like how a Carnival was done, step in and DIY and let the audience decide.

Thanks, Lair. Right now, there's a bad taste in my mouth. Nothing to do with you. On the other hand, I always appreciate blog material, and this poor fool's inadequate showing gave me that in spades.

You took it all in stride,Sissy.

This KT sounds like a sourpuss to me...what would have been the harm in posting your link without the snark ?

I've posted my thoughts on the subject. I leave things open for hosts to decide whether links are relevant or not, and yet I'd have included them. But I don't host every COTC. When I did, it didn't grow. Touring and giving people a chance to put their own touch on it is a part of the beauty of carnivals.

Anyone who disses Sissy Willis has issues of his or her own, I'd say.

I'm always amazed at people who seem to miss the point of these dopey Link-Fests. It's all about the links, KT!

Lair's right: if you don't like the way a host handles the Carnival, you can post your own - or simply wait for the next one. As for me, Baby, Tiny, and anyone else in the Sisu clan is always welcome at my place.

Dear Sissy, I direct you to this post.


Tuna and catnip,

I want to be happy.


Then be happy.In the world we live in today..personal happiness is gold.

KT directed me to the same post she linked here..I believe it to be sincere...

I love how you mix up cat blogging with erudite ruminations. It's so "sisu." K T Cat needs to open up her heart and mind to all the diversity of the catblogging feline-o-sphere. I'm sorry I missed that. Was too busy with puppies yesterday.

Puppies rule!

And now you know why I rarely participate in Carnivals of any type.

I did read the posts involved at the Carnival, including the comments on the original and the latest entry - which I'm still trying to figure out. I also read Laurence's post at his site.

I must say that considering the number of submissions for this Carnival and the fact that yours was the only set of submissions singled out for the "favor" of criticism, we would have to be pretty stupid to miss the insult in such a thing. And yes I saw the second posting - and it's so very cleverly worded - I can't tell if it's an apology or just an effort to get the "friends of SISU" off her back.

Therefore, making an editorial decision... I think I'll stick with Tiny and Baby and let KT and her friends enjoy catting among themselves.

Here's something that always makes me happy:


There's a couple of photos in there that always make me smile.

By way of explanation, I mistook your posts to be some kind of bait-and-switch trick. My bad.

As the liberals practice, when you don't have a clue attack and criticize. Look at how their ignorance of the threats to Western civilization bring on the trashing of our President.

Thanks for the lesson!


Good morning,Goomp !!


Your blog is one of the best reads on the Internet.Don't change one thing and I hope today is a better day for you.

Sissy: Even when you are not explicitly blogging about cats, everything you write is informed by your love of cats. Please don't ever change and please don't let critical carping by those less talented get you down. Me, I'm going to withdraw for the balance of Holy Week as this whole immigration hoohaw is depressing me! I blogged on it today and that's my last word for a few days. Maybe it's just pre-Easter malaise?

You and your family (including the exquisite Baby and Tiny) are always in my heart and my prayers.

When we entered the door of my uncle's house to go grieve with him after the death of our beloved aunt he said, "A lot of love just walked in this door." I've never forgotten that.

The same can be said of sisu's blog. Lots of thoughtfulness, kindness, keen intelligence and forgiveness are awaiting anyone who clicks onto her link.

I hope K T the catlover finds that same warm feeling when visiting sisu's blog and all of our blogs. We have more in common than we realize and it's not just our love for cats.

I don't get it. You include your cats enough times. It's like every other post. Oh well, at least this cleared up.

BTW, Emy is doing fine.

Well, I can see their point. To a point. I and evidently many others recognize and love the distinct mixture of erudite musings mixed with adorable cat photos that is Sissy's unique style, however I think the issue for some in the cat carnival is that, for them, cat blogging in its most puritan form is an escape from headache producing things like politics, and therefore to those cat religionists, Sissy's style constitutes a kind of "heresy" by letting the real world back into their otherwise human-issue-free virtual enviroment.

And to be fair, it helps that I seem to agree with 90% of Sissy's positions on political matters; if she instead was on the other end of the political spectrum, I'm not sure Baby and Tiny alone could offset it for me (although I wouldn't rule it out - if anything could make KOS style rants semi-pallateable it would be the allure of the two Chelsea Grays, and that is high praise indeed).

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