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April 30, 2006


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Not to belittle the estimable virtues of the admirable chicken hawk but I hope we haven't forgotten the Amercan Eagle, the symbol of the hardy spirit of our country.

Not at all. The Red-tailed Hawk is no Turkey but a fellow raptor, first cousin to our iconic Bald Eagle: http://www.baldeagleinfo.com/

Okay gotta figure out how to sign up. Geeze - I try to stay offline for the weekend (well, as much as I can *grin*) and look what I miss!

So chickenhawk, didn't you know that it's also a name for those who prey on the down-and-outers?

A"chickenhawk' is someone who hangs out in bus and train stations looking for young, stupid kids just off the bus (or train), looking to succeed in the big city. In essence a pimp. So, war pimp, wear your urine-stained chickenhawk tee-shirt with pride, I say!
You guys are idiots, and you prove it on a daily basis. Watch what we do when you start wearing your "war pimp" - er, I mean "chickenhawk" shirts, peen-head.

A rude, inarticulate airhead of one's own.

Hey Sissy !

i received the same ugly comment from the 'anti-chickenhawk' person...

i too was dubbed a 'WAR PIMP' !

perhaps the 'chickenhawk' scream is a bit threatening to some?

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