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March 03, 2006


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It's nice to see the President behaving like a rather bold and imaginative statesman!! This India initiative is compelling and ambitious. I just regret that this whole port business is detrtacting from the business in the Asian subcontinent. I truly believe that Bush's initiative to pursue closer ties with India is *really* important for this country.

The problem with most liberals is that they kinda hope that Bush fails. I like to play a little more constructively than that. Hell, I want Bush to succeed. I want him to come back from India and Pakistan having met or exceeded his objectives. Whenever that happens, it makes me feel safer and more secure.

I take no schadenfreude watching our president struggle like this. So when his bold and positive initiatives get overshadowed with his dismal approval ratings, I get very frustrated.

God Sissy, I always feel so positively wicked when I come visit and play in your conservative sandbox. (wink)

There may be hope for you yet, Jay. :)

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