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March 29, 2006


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Nardo's thumbs on each paw make for nasty weapons. The last person who tried to pick him up got rakes multiple times and got stitches.

He's got an impressive kill list (1 Chow, 2 Chihuahuas), but he's mellowed in his old age, preferring lizards now.

I thought the video was good too: http://wcbstv.com/local/local_story_087170103.html

I've only had one cat ever physcially assault me, but I was being slow with the can opener ...

"I've tried to tell them to just stay away from Lewis and he will stay away from you"

This woman doesn't deserve to have a pet of any kind. Basically she's putting the burden on everyone else to "avoid" HER cat. Instead of doing the work herself to make sure HER cat doesn't bother or hurt other people or pets.

I hate people like that. I've had dogs charge at me while walking and then the owner gets mad at ME because I don't like it! I tell them to put a leash on the animal and they get all defensive... "my dog is friendly - he won't hurt you!" HorseHockey! How do I know that? How do they know that? And why should I have to watch out for someone else's animal because they can't be bothered? ARG!!!

Yeah - sore point with me.

Sounds like Lewis has an overdose of kitty testosterone - probably thinks the neighborhood is his territory.

Could be wrong but I'm guessing he hasn't been fixed. That's something I feel strongly about - I can see reasons pro and con for keeping them in or letting them out, but as far as I'm concerned the only cats who shouldn't be fixed are the ones in catteries.

Aside from that, some cat owners let their cats out for the wrong reason, namely they don't feel like cleaning a litterbox, they're tired of listening to kitty yowl at the door, etc. Those owners inflict their cats on others purely because they're too lazy to be good parents.

Don't know if that's the case with Lewis' owners but it makes me wonder. However I do think at minimum they are negligent owners by allowing Lewis to continue going outside in an area that they know to be dangerous to him.

No offense to cat lovers, but she's lucky the judge didn't order widdle foo-foo kitty euthanized. Whether he's capable of killing anyone isn't the issue.

I agree with Teresa. There are far too many irresponsible idiot pet owners like this. Frankly, it'd serve her right if one of the neighbors poisons the little menace.

Sure, and the neighbors ought to seed their hedges with bear traps - maybe set up some barbed wire and a few pits filled with pungi sticks as well. Can't be too careful around a nasty 10 pound feline after all.

You euthanize things that can kill, like pit bulls, animals with rabies, etc. However unless someone in Lewis' neighborhood likes to stroll their gerbil on a leash, Lewis is not considered "deadly".

Therefore the simple solution would be for a judge to order him removed from his home and put up for adoption.

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