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March 06, 2006


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Old media, old monotonous ideas It appears that more often than not blogging brings out new and exciting ideas.

I'm hoping pictures of Tuck's finished project are in the offing too. *grin* Good for him! I have an old sewing machine...but I lost the little "goodie box" with all the teeny attachments. I have no idea where it disappeared or even when. Not that I sew anymore.

As for blogging - Neo is exactly right on that one. Blog what you find interesting and not everything must be published just because it was started. I've dumped many an unfinished post because I just can't make it go.

Zimmans rules! It's off limits to me until I finish the projects (also slipcovers) with the fabric I bought there last time. . .
I look forward to seeing the recovered chairs.

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