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March 17, 2006


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"He brushed past a few reporters without making eye contact . . ."

Maybe Mitt doesn't find it to be necessary to cater to corrupt reporters while waging his campaign. It could be that he has heard of the internet and is looking to play well to libertarian/conservative bloggers. *grin*

If that's the case - what a sock in the eye that will be for the MSM.

We liberals know that the threats to our lives and our civliization are Christians, be they Catholic, Evangelist, Mormon or whatever. Our only hope is in the peace-loving Muslims.

Sock it to 'em!

Mormons have become very mainstream, however odd the details of their religion may seem. And they are VERY principled. They all do service as missionaries, they all tithe, they are exceptionally generous and well-organized at things like disaster relief, and without evangelizing or wanting anything in return; they are very family-oriented and clean-living, etc. We have a friend who's a longtime convert to LDS who has really impressed the heck out of me, as he might say.

Being a Roman Catholic from Mormon Territory (come from the region where Joseph Smith was visited and driven out), I would say that Amba's rather off when it comes to Mormons being Mainstream. Our country's particularly Methodist (ie exclusionist Protestant), and not very tolerant of much that hadn't immigrated after, say, the early 17th century. I think Mormonism vs East Coast Methodist "liberal" orthodoxy (polyamory) is going to be a major cultural battle in the years/decades to come. Interesting times, but none I care to deal with.

Religion is wicked scary. I don't like it one bit. Just get off my back.

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