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March 08, 2006


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I am afraid that when the war with the Muslim religious fanatics erupts into full flower it will be a situation of kill or be killed. Let us hope if this is so that the secular West awakes in time.

"America is a super power but it's not superman. These are our problems now..."

Well, he's exactly right about that. But even more - it is necessary for them to solve their own problems to make themselves stronger. They aren't ever going to evolve a better democracy if we do all the work for them. They are a democratic country in its infancy. We've helped them get there. Yay us!

But anyone who has raised children knows that they don't learn how to do for themselves if mom and dad do everything for them. (although I don't consider Iraqis to be children - it is a model of explanation that everyone understands the world over) Not only that - but what arrogance must one have to assume that the Iraqis can't figure it out for themselves. They are adults, they have functional brains... let them use them in making a better world for themselves.

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