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March 20, 2006


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So much richness here, so much sisu has given me to think about. The Pope who loves cats and understands God's love for humanity. The fact that houses and cars have faces. One interesting thing I like about The Sopranos is the face on Tony's house. Facades...faces. It's how we make our judgements and sometimes they are superficial but often they are not.

While Pope Benedict expresses lovely sentiments and has some appealing writing... until he cleans up the upper echelons of the Catholic Church hierarchy - I have a difficult time being moved by his thoughts on humanity.

Dealing with lofty ideals is an excellent thing. Giving an over all mission statement of the church and how it fits into modern life... all well and good. But Cardinal Law still sits untouched by the laws of the US in the Vatican - protected by that same Pope... Priests who have preyed on their parishioners continue to hold positions of power in churches around the world.

I'm not sure which person is worse - the one who inflicts the harm directly or the one who has the power to stop it, yet does nothing. Anyone can be a deep thinker and espouse lofty ideals - the real trick is living up to them.

I guess if you want to look at the lovely overview, my objections seem petty. Yet if this was the leader of a country espousing lofty, flowery goals... we would certainly look at his treatment of the common people in his country and object strongly to outright abuse of them. His willingness to turn a blind eye to the "indiscretions" of his generals would not be given a pass because he has a way with words and says things that sound nice.

Yes another reason to be impressed with our new Pope. By their fruits ye shall know them indeed!

Persons of genuine goodwill are most important. They need to more than profess goodwill. Their actions must be a constructive demonstration of what they espouse. In addition they must allow room for discussion of the true merits of their ideas. Such men founded the the United States and other successful free societies of the world.

I freely admit to being human. And being human means striving to be like the angels - doesn't mean we've arrived there or are even close. But the EFFORT is what counts. And, I believe, this Pope is making wonderful efforts minute-by-minute. I wasn't particularly impressed when he was first elected but again, day by day, minute-by-minute, I am feeling more connected to my Church than at any time in many, many years (and a hat tip to The Anchoress and Sissy for helping me on that spiritual journey as well) and more at peace with myself as a result. Not a bad thing by anyone's estimate, I would think.

And don't ever underestimate the power of loving cats! It is a very healing thing.

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