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March 01, 2006


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Surely the manifesto is flawed. But just as surely its signers are risking their lives to take the first halting steps to awaken Europe from its long multi-cultural nap. They deserve our support. The Islamic threat is too great to allow ourselves to bog own over details that can be worked out as combat the menace.

I have tried my best to read through Paul Belien's arguments. But I keep getting stuck here:

"Neither Adolf Hitler nor Joseph Stalin were theocrats. It takes “French intellectuals” to use mankind’s experience with National-Socialism and Stalinism as motivation for a rallying cry to oppose “religious totalitarianism”..."

It seems to me, each of these is a kind of religious totalitarianism in its own way. Totalitarianism does not tolerate it's subjects worshiping anything outside of the leader of the State. Because that means the leader is not "all powerful". For a dictator to stay in power, he (or she) must have the populace believing they are the final word on everything - this admits no other religion.

For Islamists - the religion is the state, and the leader is unassailable because he's dead. This means the Imams or "lieutenants" can make up whatever rules they want in the name of the prophet.

So, the real difference is the type of leadership. Dead as opposed to living. It's way harder to fight a dead guy.

I strongly disagree with your statement
"Is it too much of a stretch to draw an unholy comparison between EU secularists' desire to erase the memory of Europe's Judeo-Christian roots and the Taliban's attempt a few years back to erase the memory of Afghanistan's cultural heritage by destroying those giant Buddhas of Bamiyan?"

Secularists are not trying to erase anything ! Judeo-Christian roots are the foundation of our laws. Secularism has allowed people to evolve from religious only thoughts to humanism.

It's true that comparing fascism, Nazism, and Stalinism with islamism is a bit direct but it is obvious that secular or religious, all these ideologies (for lack of a better global word) share a common trend for oppression. They all had there share of crime against humanity in its essence.
The fact that islamism is religiously oriented insetad of a secular ideology only makes things worse when ones considers the horrors of past religious wars (crusades, ...)

Hey, SpoootySpooot . . . I'm referring to the explicit omission of any reference to Europe's Judeo-Christian roots by the framers of the EU constitution. More here: http://sisu.typepad.com/sisu/2006/02/the_vehicle_of_.html

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