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March 27, 2006


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Keep a really close eye on those scratches and be sure to head to the doctor at the least look that it is getting infected! One of the kitty cat difficulties - those claws. Glad to hear Baby was none the worse for wear.

Damn, Sissy! What a scene. Bet Baby doesn't remember a second of it. Gotta respect the tiger behind the tabby...

Oh Sissy, how traumatic for all of you. Sabby is extremely possessive and when we were just home from Germany and trying to reunite all the cats, Captain, Sabby, Abby, Bear and Amos for the summer Sabby took it very hard.

He especially didn't like Bear and I got in their way once and Sabby bit me hard on the wrist. It became infected and I had to have a shot. I still love my precious, jealous Sabby. Should have called him Heathclift.

Sissy, you should definitely go to the doctor; my mom got bitten on the foot many years ago and had to go to the ER due to the infection. Cat saliva is nasty stuff in a wound.

Quite the little force of nature is Mr Cakes...

Sissy - maybe it's something in the angle of the moon or something. I took my little Tim for his shots on Saturday morning at 9 a.m. and ever since, in ever diminishing amounts, Sam has been actively hostile to Tim and not terribly charming to me (except for his 4 a.m. forays into my arms for snuggles). I pretty much think your home applied first aid is sufficient unto the situation but keep an eye on your "owies" and if there's any swelling then head for a doctor post haste.

Meanwhile, Baby is still an absolutely mesmerizing beauty! And Tiny is clearly a sweetheart of a kitty, somewhat akin to the ever lovely Tim!

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