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March 25, 2006


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I think the "time speeding up" effect is quite easily explained: as you age, each day, week, month and year represent a steadily decreasing percentage of the time you've been on the planet.

When I was six years old, summers seemed to last an absolute eternity. That's not terribly unusual when you think about it - three months is a relatively long time for somebody who's been alive for only about seventy months.

The other factor, I think, is that time seems to pass more quickly when you're working hard and have more demands on your time than you can fill. As I slide into early middle age, I definitely find myself in that position.

How true, how true.. the days, weeks, months tend to start flying by.. even the usually long winter months are gone in a flash. As I find myself on the downward slope I often try to catch my breath and capture the moment before it too is lost.
Youth is endless in its ignorance (which is bliss) With age comes the knowledge (although often still suppressed) that our living time is limited. Awareness gives each day and every moment an increased value. The harder we try to hold on.. the faster they are pulled from our grasp.

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