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March 14, 2006


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Meeting Bill Clinton in the flesh was not a pleasant experience as I recall.

Thankfully, I didn't have to meet Hillary.

Please give us a report of your meeting with Gov. Romney. I like him better than George Allen but less than Rudy.

I've never been one of those who thinks a man looks good just because he's in a powerful position. Clinton was a TOTAL turn off! I can't believe how many women I know think he looks terrific... ugh! Nothing personal on that level - he just doesn't appeal to me. Then again neither did Nixon or Johnson or Carter...

For that matter, while I don't think George Bush or Ronald Reagan have any problem in the looks department - they don't really wow me either and Kennedy always looked "slick" even if he was a fairly handsome man. *grin* But in Reagan's case I think it's because he has similar looks to my father (a tall handsome Irishman) and so I could never think of him any other way.

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