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March 25, 2006


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Just to let you know, Selmer DOES NOT have it's own local newspaper. The newspaper that you linked to/referred to is in Northern Alabama; almost four Wal-Marts from Selmer...that's a "world away" in these parts. The county that Selmer is located in has a local newspaper, "The Independent Appeal"...it's called that because it's independent of any real journalism, and it appeals to country folk. It comes out ONCE A WEEK, on Wednesday. This event missed the Monday deadline, so we'll have to get the 'local take' on it next Wednesday. FYI, the headlines are normally about a cow that has gotten loose, or a tragic automobile accident. McNairy County people are not known for their driving skills (that's why those of us who actually have auto insurance around here pay more than people in L.A. and NY do). The Independent Appeal has a website, but most likely all you're going to see is the upcoming week's school menus and last month's article about the head of the school district bragging about how McNairy County children moved from last place in the nation's ranking, up to next-to-last place. Ya see, McNairy County is not only "backwoods", it's literally 40 to 50 years back in time. There are still moonshiners here. There are many people here, that Memphis (80 miles away) is the farthest place they've ever been. The year's "big event" is the local production of "Hee Haw" (depending on your age, you may have to look it up on Wikipedia). They have a parade each year, commemorating their "favorite son", Sheriff Buford Pusser, of the movie, "Walking Tall" fame. Children march down the street in a parade, literally carrying a big stick, or axe handle - just like their hero. It would make a great documentary, but no one would believe it. Did ya ever see that episode of "The Andy Griffith Show" where Hollywood "came to town"...we'll, that's EXACTLY what's happened here! I can't wait until law enforcement reveals why she did it, so the whole world can just go away and leave us to our inbreeding and low property taxes!

A masterpiece of the yarn-spinner's art, Ken. It was Will Rogers himself who said "I only know what I read in the newspaper."

Almost four Wal-Marts away... a beautiful observation. And from now on I will rely entirely on Sissy for information about this murder case and related media idiocy. Tragedy becomes comedy in the hands of the American press.

Bugmenot.com is your friend! Go there - type in the URL of the newspaper and it will give you a list of user names and passwords to try. It's nearly impossible to find ones that work for the NYT... but for a small paper down in Alabama or Tennessee... shouldn't be a problem. I've used this numerous times for "off the beaten track" papers that need a logon to read their pages.

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