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March 22, 2006


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I am touched by the innocent admiration you show our Pope.

I am rather less sanguine about the man who was notorious as the lightning rod (dare I say hatchet man?) for John Paul II's pontificate. Perhaps we can hope that Ratzinger the Cardinal was a very different man than Pope Benedict. And yet, it would not be the first time that elevation to the papacy has transformed a staunch bureaucrat into a benevolent statesman.

I would love to think that our many-faceted pope could produce just such a miracle. Your punditry instincts are usually excellent, Blogmother, so I'm counting on it.

PB - Could it be that the "hatchet man" image is one created by people who want the Catholic Church to become more like the Anglicans, aided and abetted by their clueless allies in the MSM? Do ya think?

First off - Tuck's swags and jabots rock. Excellent job!

Now for the Catholic Church's problem... I have to say I don't give two hoots over whether there are "healing masses" (I wonder how a mass will heal someone who is the victim of abuse in any case). I have no issue with them sticking to their faith in the case of gay adoptions. Much as it may cause heartache to those who are gay and want to adopt, being gay is against the teachings of the Catholic Church... it always has been. So, at least on one point the Church is sticking to its guns (so to speak) and saying - this is against our teachings.

Yet, the "upper management" of the Catholic Church still doesn't seem to understand their tremendously HUGE failing - not bringing the pedophile priests to justice.

I don't care how much they stick to their beliefs in other areas of doctrine, allowing the free reign of those who would hurt children in this way is so very disgusting - it completely discredits everything else they do. And, since they went to such tremendous lengths to cover up these crimes and protect the priests involved - one always has to wonder - What else have they done that we haven't found out about?

You see, that's the greatest problem of all. Once you've found that someone is a liar to protect themselves in some way, at what point do you trust them again? Oprah probably has some glib answer to that - but I don't know that there is a way to bring back the trust. Healing masses? Give me a break. What is needed is transparency - and that will never happen. What is needed is for criminal priests to be turned over to local law enforcement. That will never happen.

When "protect your own" is your motto - you have essentially decided that you are the law... that doesn't work for any other entity in this country - why should it work for the Catholic Church?

Tuck as an apt student has brought back the Glory of Queen Victoria to the living room of the noble house on the Creek.

Persons of goodwill of honor and principle are what the world needs for its leadership. It seems that such men may be now leading the Catholic Faith.

The room looks beautiful. Tuck did a wonderful job.

Is the Tuck man for hire? That is high quality work!

Just my own opinion, and that is that I find the Latin mass (Tridentine?) very healing. I am better able to achieve interior silence and concentrate on what I have come to Mass to achieve which is communication with God. Ergo, I deeply dislike all the bobbing and weaving and glad handing that goes on in most masses these days.

It's also worth mentioning that I AM an old geezer (63 years old, after all) and grew up in the 50s so it really is more comfortable to me.

Gayle: The answer is yes. Send me the dimensions.

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