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March 02, 2006


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Just to let you know, the 'image not available' is popping up.

As for the headlines, same old, same old. I am SO tired of the same rhetoric...Bush=Hitler=lying puppet...whatever. How horribly irritating.

Thanks for the info re image unavailability, ando . . . I don't know what happened but have replaced 'em, and last time I looked, they're still there. :)

Who is going to lead a campaign to boycott the MSM and those who support it by advertising? Without our support the MSM can not exist.

I pretty much already boycott them goomp. I don't buy their product. As for the advertisers - since it seems just about everyone advertises on news shows - that might be tougher.

I will continue to get the stories online where I don't have to pay to read their tripe. And if any of them go away - I always have lots of other stuff to read.

Sissy I don't know how you can actually watch them - I'd be throwing stuff at the television. *grin*

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