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March 05, 2006


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A world full of information is pouring down upon us in a volume undeamed of ninety years ago. It takes a bit of time to learn how to absorb it and separate the wheat from the chaff. A sinecured cultural elite lost in its hubris has declared it understands when in reality it generally understands nothing of the real world of human nature. The elites' grip on their claim as worshipped founts of knowledge is slipping as the masses slowly learn to handle the modern torrent of new thouhgts and ideas.

You don't think the world-wide rush to make up creative cartoons in response to the Mohammadan's tantrums means anything?

Looking at that first black and white... my first reaction was, what a goofy, sad little piece o' poo that is. If nothing else I thought art was supposed to stop short of "spelling it out" - that's what billboards are for after all. Art is supposed to make you work and then (hopefully) be delighted when you "get it".

But then I thought about it a little more and mused that it could actually be taken as a somewhat wry statement of the reflexive, unthinking anti-Bush sentiment repeated like gospel by so many uninformed lefties - it has after all gotten to be such a mindlessly accepted and repeated theme that in a way, Serra's piece could be seen as a powerful if simplistic spoof of the rest that get almost as blunt, and seem to be drawing nearer that point every day.

That would have been reasonably brave and clever. Sadly, it looks like Serra has put this forward in all earnestness as his contribution to the BDS movement, and in so doing has helped usher it on past its last pretensions of depth or sophistication.

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