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March 04, 2006


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Well, I'd submit one if I had cats *grin* or if I lived close enough to the "grandcats" (my daughter's kitties) to go take pics of them.... alas I don't live near enough any more and she doesn't have a digital camera. But that's okay I'll just watch your pics of Baby and Tiny. They are very cute indeed.

It's the thought that counts. Thank you, Teresa, for your solidarity with the people that catblog. :)

I have two cats, or rather they have me. Delilah has three legs but makes up for it with her ability to jump up on my wide shoulders. Francie I found at the math department of a local university where she held court for the faculty. I just recently lost my other two cats, Crosby and Daisy, both of whom passed into the great beyond.

I thought I would share and add you to my blogroll.


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