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March 15, 2006


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Congrats on the new flag and thanks for the breakdown on the breakdown of public education. I become increasingly grateful that my parents sent me to private schools.

On another note: Thought you'd like to know that it is now my habit one or more times per week to set a picture of the extraordinarily beautiful Tiny or Baby as my office computer background. It's so soothing.

Of course, if I were bright enough to use MY DIGITAL CAMERA, I could use pictures of my own cats on my blog and on my office computer!

Those who lack a knowledge of human history have no basis for making judgements concerning the problems facing humans today. It seems that we have a generation of educators with an agenda which hopes for a socialist world. Socialism always leads to loss of freedom and an economically deprived populance.

Beware of the dreaded No Cat Naps on the Flag Amendment!

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