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February 26, 2006


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It's a sad day. To lose Barney and The Old Man in one day. The Leg Lamp is a picture of my mother's life with my father. He is an artist but sometimes comes up with embarrassing art.

Like the wood carvings of fat women which were supposed to be like the fertility statues he was studying in art history. Once he carved a large one out of a tree trunk, cut its head off and put a round piece of glass on top of it to make it into a coffee table.

My mother rolled her eyes when she saw it and worked hard to be sure he sold it. He did sell it for quite a pretty penny. We were glad she could put the Duncan Phyfe coffee table back in its place of honor.

Ralphie's dad was also a lot like my husband. He loves it when something goes wrong with my computer so he can mess with it and install all sorts of annoying plugins.

I shall doff the lampshade that came with my 12-inch talking Old Man figurine in his honor today (yes, of course I have one).

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