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February 21, 2006


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Tobacco is SACRED
I have been following recent news with great interest and I feel that in the spirit of equal opportunity, I as a descendant of the Ani-Yun-Wi-Ya. (Total of all real people) should point out that I have found the lack of respect and Honor accorded the Sacred Herb of my Ancestors, highly offensive.Since it appears that in some quarters decisions have been made to avoid offending other religions even to the extent of discarding basic Liberties and Freedoms then my Religion too should be accorded the same respect.

Excellent and freightening article!

And Kentucky Dan has a good point. :)

You have again sounded the wake up call. Recognise the aims of the current Muslim leaders of the Arabic world and resist and be free or suffer under their despotic rule or be killed.

Hiya Sissy! Thanks for the mention. One note - there is an "h" in my (pseudo)name.

Thanks, Pyrrhus. Correction made. A Pyrrhic victory to be linked by another blogger only to have your nom de souris misspelled?

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