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February 11, 2006


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Something I did not mention in my post was that this same Saudi Prince might be better known in the States for having offered money to the city of New York following September 11, 2001. Unfortunately, he offered radically non-helpful thoughts to the effect that the United States might have brought the calamity on itself and subsequently his money was refused (and quite right too). I doubt he offered comparable advice to the French in making a donation to the Louvre.

Very interesting, GOAF. Thanks for the info. I remember the thrill of our own New York Mayor, Rudy Giuliani's refusing the fawning prince's offer.

Her design looks like a huge menacing wave that's about to break and crash down on you.

I've seen Zaha Hadid's work before, and always found it amazing, extraordinary, and beautiful. I think there was a feature on her at SFMOMA a while back, but I can't remember for sure. I love the design here, too, but I do think it would have been out of place in the setting.

I liked it a LOT.
But then, I am a fan of non-euclidean spaces, like cthuhluean non-eucildean geometries and Minkowski space.

Do you think, Sissy, that anymore we see dhimmitude in the bend of a blade of grass?

The grass bends and rebounds, Matoko. Multiculturalists only bow down.

This so-called ‘prince’? Like a person comes up to me and tells me he is Winston Churchill. And I am supposed to accept his definition? I know bin Talal is rich, or I should say he has riches. And of course he is a Muslim, so I must submit.
But to me he is just a thug. Like the mafia, he is a made capo of a organized crime syndicate known as RSF, Royal Saudi Family. Like the Bonnano crime family. It is not surprising that then Mayor Giuliani, a true Prince of the City, should recognize Mr. Walid bin Talal as the punk that he is, and that frankly, ten million is chump change in New York.

Is there any connection between the words ‘French’ and ‘pride’? Islam and art? You-hoo, Taliban anyone? Islam and the Saudis are to art what the Nazis were to pacifism. I suppose if Herman Goering were still alive, the bungholes of the art world’s effete elite would be bent on high for his donation too.

Meanwhile, I am wondering which will happen first, Osama comes out of the closet or someone is found who willing bought and read Walid’s book. (Prince Walid bin Talal baby, give me 20 million and I’ll not only read youe book but say it was great too. Honest. You can trust me. Yours, Carl)

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