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February 10, 2006


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Writing as an agnostic it appears to me that the Judaeo-Christian tenets of what is of value and of how one should direct one's life are the best summation of human experience to date. Whether the will of the divine or the wisdom of human experience is not for me to dictate.

A moving and truthful post, Sissy. Alas, though, I sometimes think that the divine limit set upon evil is set so high it allows almost anything: Mao, Hitler, Stalin, etc. The only hope is in that "almost," and how many tens of millions have died before it came into effect?

But Richard, the real hope is that the evil didn't stand. Yes, there is much pain, suffering and death before the evil is overthrown... but it is overthrown - we haven't (so far) succumbed to it completely.

Thank you, Goomp, Richard and Teresa for your wonderful, thoughtful comments. I love it especially when one of my readers speaks to another . . . Yes, you, Teresa. How sweet it is.

How dare they (Islamic Tyrants) inflict their evil terror on the World. How dare the World allow it. How many heads need to roll before the Left get's it.

I created the error by accidently pressing the preview key after I posted. Please disregard the preview.

I've pondered the contents of this post for a while trying to think of how to possibly reply. So i'll start with my bias, since I am gay, I have never been too keen on anything that came out of the ol' Vatican. But as i get older i realize that my rigid reaction to their religious dogma wasn't doing me any good. Unfortunately, I doubt the Catholic church will soften its stance on the the gay thing anytime soon that doesn't mean i can't be pragmatic. Why deny myself important lessons in forgiveness (see http://www.newadvent.org/library/docs_jp02ev.htm and love (see http://www.catholicnewsagency.com/new.php?n=5828)
(Both of which i learned from one Pope or another, believe it or not) just because i can't get married in a catholic church?
So when i learn of the Pope's intention (to declare Christianity as the official religion of Europe) getting shot down it makes me scratch my head.
Secular as they are, Europe is overwhelmingly Christian. This is a huge part of their culture, their story, their heritage (dammit!) so it seems logical to acknowledge as much.
I suspect the underpinnings of this trend are rooted more in politics (the Turkey issue as you point out) than in folks in Europe being adamently opposed to the Pope's sentiments.
But one thing I know for sure, this whole east-west culture war sure is starting to feel a lot more personal. And if nothing else, having our values besieged by fundamentalists might make for a greater appreciation of said values.

And it should remind us that in times like these, we all bleed red, white and blue.
Jay Lassiter

Sissy - I'm gonna do it again ;-)

Jay - I'm not gay, was raised Catholic and I have quite a number of problems with decrees that come out of the Vatican. For now - the organized religion has lost me. Unless they can clean up their act to my satisfaction - I won't be back. It's sad, but I think they have too many problems at too high a level and I just can't overlook them.

OTOH - that doesn't mean their teachings are useless. As you've noted there are many good things to come from religion - if you actually apply them to your life and those around you. I want to applaud you for your attitude and for not bringing in bitterness to the situation. (bitterness really only hurts the one who feels it - when it's directed at an unchanging institution).

As for EU and the government they are trying to set up. I don't know about declaring an official religion... already (from what I've heard) the EU has enough of a problem because they've gone about arranging the constitution by telling the people what is "allowed" instead of what is "not allowed" there is a huge difference between the two - and I don't know if the constitution won't just collapse under the weight of trying to keep up with what they will let people do. Declaring a religion... just one more thing to keep track of - and what about other religions?

I think they have more problems than they can shake a stick at, it will be interesting to see how long it survives.

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