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February 25, 2006


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It seems that it is human nature for the populace of the victorious nation or nations that life becomes too easy once the threat of the enemy has been defeated, and the people attatch major importance to impractical socialist ideas that they think will lead to a life of comfort and secutity without the necessity of stuggle and sacrifce. Meanwhile the plotting of those who desire power and revenge is considered something that a smile, a gift and a pat on the head will assuage. It happened after WWI and it is happening now. Will we wait until the threat becomes destruction before we act?

Questions that keep running through my head:

How is it that the Muslim prophet Mohammed cannot be portrayed in any form except text? Is he considered equal to their Allah, who also is considered ineffable, and not to be portrayed?

Also, do they honor their prophet and god, by rioting and killing anyone who does not worship their prophet and god?

Sounds like politics, rather than religion to me. Too bad we couldn't nip this in the bud decades ago. The Ayatollah Khomeni was our first dire warning to eliminate these idiot fanatics. A decisive, massive military strike in Iran would have been a better answer to the takeover of the American embassy in Tehran, than the small-scale failed "mission." Maybe we wouldn't be facing a Europe (and elsewhere) full of Muslims who will not, and probably cannot, be assimilated. Who respond to Western liberties with violence against their (obviously not) adopted countries?

Finally, how can we assimilate our own immigrant Muslims, before they also turn on us? We have traditionally allowed first generation peoples to form their own neighborhoods and enclaves. But look what has happened in France. And we have our own sad history of ghetto unrest and violence.

I'm afraid we are only waiting our turn. Just as 911 was our turn. How can we hope otherwise?

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