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February 04, 2006


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Thank you Sissy. He is tough and a West Point grad (class of 98) but this is a rough day.

What can anyone say to thank Laura Lee, her family and her son. Without people like them this country would not be the envy of the world. Those who hate us do so because the USA is the light of the world. They envy us, and they are ashamed that they cannot measure up to those like the family of Laura Lee.

Thanks for putting it in perspective for me. Thinking about Laura Lee I can only hope that somehow she can take some comfort in knowing that we all appreciate the sacrifice her family is making. I know i sure do. If i could give her a message i'd tell her so. And then i'd give her a hug and pray that her boy comes home safe and soon.
I would tell her son that his service to country is a brave and noble cause. And i would thank him for putting his ass on the line so i can stay home safe&sound in the USA bloggin and doing bong hits. I would also tell him that i don't know if I could ever have the courage to do what he's doing. (I like to think I would, but who knows for sure?)
I would remind him that the people of Iraq need him, but that we need him home safe and sound when he's done his job.
Gosh, Sissy, this one is hitting close to my heart. i appreciate you citing the personal example you did.

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