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February 01, 2006


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Should Danish Vodka replace the hallowed Beef Eaters Gin in our martinis?

We are not all Danes, Spanish, Londoners, or whatever the latest target of Islamic hate is at the moment.

What do we have in common?

We are all INFIDELS.

And we should be PROUD of it.

Uh, no, Goomp. There ARE limits. :)

Laurence: WICKED proud.

I support the buy Danish-campaign!!! Ofcourse it is a bit easier for me to find Danish products to buy - I live in Denmark!

Good to know that so many are in uproar over this whole situation - Freedom of speech is MY religion: so respect it!

A little country rarely gets any international attention. Hmmmm... I guess Denmark is quite famous now: 1/3 of the world still don't care about us, 1/3 hate us and want to suicidebomb us away and the last 1/3 are trying to find out which products are MADE IN DENMARK so that they can anti-boykott us :-)

Freedom of speech nowhere means allowing blasphemy -- even the Danish law forbids blashemy. You are extremely irresponsible in feeding both the muslim and western extremism by what you publish. Sorry to see that you connect your nonsense with such a fine Finnish word as sisu. I trust you will be punished for your idiotism sooner or later. No I did not like your song either!

The "song" referred to by Siru was a gratuitously mindless comment left by Ima Blogger -- [email protected] -- which I have deleted as junk.

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