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February 07, 2006


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And beautiful to all of us who love your kitties and your photography.

No single-cat owner could understand my reaction to the picture of Tiny: where is the sparring partner?

Ah yes, hovering in the background: jealous, no doubt, of the attention (represented by the camera flash.)

They are both healthy-looking, and lovely.

Definitely a beautiful girl.


My sweet Timmy [the very manipulative bluepoint Siamese] has now got my roommate trained to play with him for 2-3 hours at a time, tossing the plastic ring from the milk jug - which Timmy very kindly returns to her - sometimes. All I can hear from my bedroom (where I am relaxing with the gigantic Sam) is "Well, bring it back!"

I have informed Judy that those words will be on her tombstone.

My goodness, I do love cats. And I'm developing a deep affection for both of yours, Sissy.

Cheesecake indeed! Tiny is the essence of feline beauty and it makes me very happy to see her in good health and spirits.

excellent texture.y

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