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February 12, 2006


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FWIW, Orthodox Muslims DO view and refer to Jesus as a prophet in the same fasion as they refer to Mohammed. Furthermore, they, at least the Sunnis, believe in the ascension of Jesus. And, when speaking Jesus' name, to show proper respect, his name is followed by the phrase,"peace by upon Him", exactly as it is when referring to Mohammed.

Thank you for the info, John. Good, relevant stuff, but my point is that it sounds forced -- dhimmitudinous -- for Christians to suddenly start referring to Mohammed as "the prophet Mohammed," not to mention adding the [PBUH], which I have seen at least one non-Muslim journalist doing of late.

Well, wouldn't it be nice if just for once - the media decided to be respectful of all religions... not just the Muslim religion. They've spent years and years tearing down Christians and Jews, so yes I am insulted even more when they bend over backward for the Muslim religion.

As for the show - I watched it when Matt of Blackfive was on there and I consider this episode (with Glenn) to solidify my first impressions... it's a reporters love fest. Wherein they try to tell us how tough their job is and how well they think they do it.

I was very surprised that Glenn got as much airtime as he did. They really didn't give Matt much time (although he made good use of it). The formula they follow - comment from blogger, rebuttal by reporter in the field, comments from 2 people in the audience (supposedly meant to represent all Americans.... um sure), one more comment from blogger, and then self justifying closing remarks by the moderator. Makes me antsy.

I am so impressed with Glenn and Matt for trying to get their points across to those who just don't want to hear it.

Your partial transcript is handy (so thanks), but it flatters Glenn Reynolds. What he said, twice, was "tame" where you put [bad]. Obviously he was caught between saying the cartoons were mostly tame (which is true) or that they were not that bad (which is true), and what he said was they were not that tame, which was false and confusing. (I also though his half-look to the camera when he got off his "Will and Grace" line was lame.)

Abbie Tatton got Glenn Reynolds to correct himself so smoothly that he never even realised he'd messed up. That was very slick work by a media professional getting the show to go smoothly, and gracious. I was impressed.

I also found her accent easier to follow than his. And it didn't hurt that she's good looking.

In terms of content - yes Glenn Reynolds nailed it. His job was in effect to say firmly but without heat or bitterness not only that CNN was wrong but why it was wrong, and he was dead on.

"Are tolerant Muslims about to refer to Jesus as "Our Lord Jesus Christ"? Nor should they."

I don't think referring to Jesus as "Lord" is the same as referring to Mohammed as "The Prophet" (kind of like president vs teacher in my eyes) but point taken - there is a certain amount of fawning deferrence being accorded to Islam by the MSM, no denying it.

Glenn succeeded in making one crucial point - that the MSM's deferrence in this matter is driven by fear of physical, economic and legal reprisal by muslims, and that this is a downward spiral circling the drain. Letting them know they "blew it" was a great way to underline this fact.

His "not all that tame" remark made me wince but it's to be expected that someone taking (a lonely) center stage on such a controversial issue is bound to engender feelings of nervousness - Abbi herself looked frankly terrified when she first started speaking and didn't appear fully relaxed even by the end of the segment.

And that guest journalist with the 25 years or whatever living in muslim countries - what exactly was his point? That some cultures limit the speech of their citizens and media? Er, yes, and...? Rarely have I heard someone take so long to say so little.

Hats off to Glenn for saying what needed to be said.

Scott: You're right about the imprecision of my comparison between the Christian expression "Our Lord Jesus Christ" and the Muslim expression "the Prophet Mohammed [PBUH]." A more apt comparison might be the spelling G-d by some Jews as a reminder of the holiness attached to God's name or -- as blogged in one of my later posts, the traditional honorific capitalization of pronouns referring to Christ.

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