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February 16, 2006


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So when Clinton messed around with a government employee, on government property, and on government time, it was considered as just a 'private act'. However, when two people that were private citizens at that moment, on private land, doing a private act, it's now media attention.

Honestly, it makes me sick that some people are really wanting the fellow to die so that Cheney could be vilified and 'impeached' even though it was an honest mistake that happened between two people at the worst, and no one got killed. At least Cheney rode with the fellow in the ambulance to make sure he was okay, rather than Kennedy leaving some woman in a car.

Rant over. I am just SO over this story.

As usual Scott Ott hits another one out of the park. Beautiful satire that makes the MSM look like complete lunatics.

Just finished reading Peggy's piece in the print WSJ before getting over here. I'm not really quite sure if she's right or not. I love Dick Cheney because as much as he's villified by the MSM he simply ignores them. This drives them mad with frustration and is a thing of beauty.

OTOH - I've been wondering - why the White House doesn't seem to be thinking ahead to the next election and grooming a replacement for Mr. Bush... Cheney has said he doesn't want the job (and he's too controversial to get it - which is too bad) - but he's got the VP slot which is generally given to someone who will be a successor... I've tried to think of the strategy behind this politically, but while it's good to have an extremely competent VP - this doesn't work too well for the next election - so it remains a mystery to me.

This has been made a big issue by both sides. The MSM/DNC has blown it out of proportion but the VP helped by not coming forward Sat. What was he trying to hide? A reasonable question based on how he acted for 5 days. By trying to hide the facts he and Bush look guilty of who knows what. Did no one learn anything from Nixon? The best way to attack the problem is to come forward on Sat not let the MSM/DNC have the field to themselves for 3.5 days! Wake up White House!

Several cement heads in the White House need to be fired. This is a diaster. To pretend that shooting someone is no big deal is wrong! To try and hide what happened (if you are a Republican) has never worked! The man has been in the hospital 5 days and will be there at least a few more. It was not just a mistake but a very serious mistake. To try and cover it up for 4 days only gave the MSM/DNC and excuse to make it the lead item in the news for 4 days! Heads should have rolled yesterday! Bad advice was given but the VP and the President are guilty for not having the good judgment to know bad advice when they got it. Dumb.
Again several top level advisors to the President and VP need to be fired, now!

Jo and Rodney, Cheney didn't "try and cover it up" or "[try] to hide the facts"; they just didn't publicize the event the way the press (and evidently some others) would've wanted them to. Has anyone actually had to do any hard investigative reporting on this "story," or has it all been handed to them, just not necessarily on their timetable or at the correct bureau?

OT: Thanks, Sissy! Back atcha.

If Dick resigns for which there is no reason except his health, I am all for Condi. People drive cars and are in accidents that cause people to die every hour of the day. MSM doesn't get too excited. Accidents happen. The result of life is death. MSM either grow up or shut up.

Jamie - I just read Peggy's column at WSJ. She thinks this diaster is the straw that will break the VP's back. She thinks Bush's people are already looking for a replacement.
Spin as hard as you can this has been a PR diaster for the Administration. It is still a lead item in the MSM/DNC only second to the new Americans are torturers pics( 2 different stories about how we torture in 2 locations).
Cheney should have been on Fox no later than Mon morn. Sun night would have been better. This would have prevented all the "news reports" of sex with other people's wives and being drunk etc from ever being aired or printed. Wed was at least 2 days too late. Dumb!

Retire Rumsfeld... Replace with Cheney (cue evil laugh)

Move Rice to VP, replace with Guiliani...

This would have prevented all the "news reports" of sex with other people's wives and being drunk etc from ever being aired or printed.


Yeah right...

I don't know which is which, is the left blogsphere the MSM echo chamber or vice-versa...

It would have prevented exactly nothing. We'ld still be treated to conspiracy theories and conjecture that "questions remain"...

If you go read the transcript of the interview Cheney did with Britt Hume you will find that - quite rightly - the VP didn't want the press to inform the next of kin and friends... No wonder the press thinks this is a cover up...

Considering how vile the press is in these matters - I could see trucks pulling up to every house where Whittington is known and having them stick microphones in their faces and saying - the VP just shot your (father, uncle, grandfather, best friend...) how do you feel about that? Sheesh. All those opportunities for shocked faces and outrageous screaming denied to them!

Unless we are to assume that the VP should certainly have had everyone informed immediately... maybe by osmosis... I don't see a 20 hour delay being that long when trying to track down family. I'm also noticing that the media take no notice of informing next of kin in this case... interesting.

Then again they even gripe about the military informing family first of injury or death to a soldier.

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