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February 18, 2006


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I hope people do not allow terror to control free speech, as this is the most basic of all rights. Sure, just because you can does not mean you have to, but that does not mean much when Muslims are killing people over a cartoon. You can find them at my website, http://www.obber.com. I also created a game called Shoot Gallery, and after an introduction from "Prophet Bomb", you can try to gun down Bin Laden for giving the West such a bad impression.

"You can try to gun down Bin Laden for giving the West such a bad impression"

If only.

As time elapses, Binnie appears less of a 'cause' than a symptom. He didn't give the West such a 'bad' impression. He KILLED people by arranging to fly planes into buildings.

What is giving 'such a bad impression' is the clear and consistent messages being delivered daily from much of the Islamic World. Frankly no freedom loving people can co-exist with the mindset behind these messages. Any culture that attempts to appease the 'believers' at the expense of its own basic values loses any right or reason to exist. No wonder Islasmists appear STRONG to many. It's not what they say or do ---- It's what their opponents do NOT say or do.

Something beats nothing every time even if the something is abased beyond all reason, and leads only to the vilest darkness of the soul.

Respect? Hunh.

I think of Muhammad as a false prophet, one by whom many have been deceived. I don't respect his legacy, and I don't respect him. Why should I? Because if I don't perform some rhetorical act of obeisance every time I refer to him, one of those who is in my opinion so deceived will be offended? Please.

I'll happily refrain from making my beliefs plain every time I utter (or write) his name; that's just polite. But wishing peace on Muhammad at this point in his life is utterly meaningless. It offends me deeply that someone expects me to make such a statement, so excuse me if I refrain from that, too.

Curtis, I'm with you, but I'd disagree to the extent that free speech is really the second most important right - just after self defense. Because they'd just as soon kill you as any other means of silencing you.

Near a friend of mine lives a guy with a couple of things on the back of his car. One is a sticker of a W with an international NO symbol over it. The other is a fish, with feet growing under it and DARWIN in the middle.

I've been tempted to knock on his door and ask how he feels about the Mohammed cartoons.

Here are some more Offensive Mohammed Pictures:

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