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February 21, 2006


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Eric Raymond says only the truth. A large portion of the nation's faculty are nut-cakes indoctrinated by the Communist philosophies and are beyond redemption. Fortunately everyone who comes under their tutelage is not impressed by thier infantile reasoning.

I finally stopped my annual alumnus contributions shortly after 9/11. I now selectively donate those funds to schools and programs that truly educate, and/or exhibit good citizenship (e.g. Hillsdale College, Widener University), instead of U of North Carolina and Brown University.

I am all for higher learning. However, most of the colleges that I have seen/been to, have degraded badly down to liberal indoctrination camps. It's not that these ideas are presented, but they are taught as truth and the only existing ideaology, instead of opening themselves up to a wellspring of ideas as they purport themselves to be. They don't care to teach facts or skills to go into the real world, but as snobby academia.

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