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February 24, 2006


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I have been getting a lot of crap in the liberal blogosphere for my suggestion that maybe the left should take a deep breath on this whole port thing.
Personally, whenever HRC and rick santorum come down on the same side of *anything* I must be skeptical.
You're right, Hillary continues to grate, and Warner handled things with considerable aplomb. I should note that republicans are paying a lot more attention to Madame Clinton that we liberals are.
The good news?? Look we're talking about port security! This is a GOOD thing!
May cooler heads prevail.
thanks as usual for your smart and totally fresh perspective.

Like I was trying to say a couple of days ago with my post. This looks like more of a PR disaster than anything else. Those who support the changeover have been abysmally slow to tell us what is going on - how it all works.

Everyone was talking about the Dubai company doing port security which was never the case but they didn't tell us what they actually DO - I mean - what ARE "port operations"? I still don't know, then again I've been very busy lately and too tired to look into it. However, I think this puts me in league with most Americans on this thing. They only get little glimpses of people screaming that the sky is falling... they don't know what it's all about, and no one is enlightening them.

Bad Bad PR.

You and Tony Snow have a handle on the true situation, and I agree non-radical Muslims should be encouraged to be our allies. The Saudi royals have accomodated the radical killers thru fear but today are beginning to suffer suicide tactics against their oil refineries. The mainstream Arab world is coming to see that we all must unite against the radical terrorists

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