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January 25, 2006


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The ignorance of how the world of humans operates is frightening. They have no knowledge of what drove the United States to be the premier democracy of the world. Maybe the commies really won by infiltrating our educational system so that it would no longer teach the amazing history of what made the US the leader of freedom in the post-WW II world. Let us hope that the blogosphere can overcome and lead us back to honor the little people, who are the heart and soul of the United States of America.

Elegantly expressed Sissy. I totally agree with you.

When I first read Stein's piece I was planning on blogging something scathing about it, then I read the Hugh Hewitt interview... I realized that the LA Times had hired Stein as part of their all inclusiveness directive. After all, they can proudly point out that they hire the mentally defective to work on their staff, thus giving them much needed jobs.

Poor little Joel - he kinda forgot that if you write such tripe, there will be valid questions about your intelligence. Especially when you are a reporter and can't even answer the simplest questions about an entity you've just tried your best to bash into the ground.

Although I think I still have to pull one of his quotes from Hugh's interview - it was too funny to pass up.

People like Joel Stein further bury the left deeper and deeper into the mire of their own paranoia and Bush-hating syndromes. The majority of people think that they're a bit off to extremely irrational. The ones who laud them, hate everything for what America stands for anyway.

There are honest criticsms and there is sniping. The left has done too much of the latter to be considered good for this country anymore.

I haven't commented on Stein's article at my blog (country wisdom: when you hear an ass out braying in the field, there's no need to answer back) but you, and Hugh, and so many others have done nicely with it, and said what I would've wanted to say anyway.

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