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January 04, 2006


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This is incredibly macabre news. There seems to have been quite a few underlying problems, with this mine and the industry as a whole that caused this incident.

The greater tragedy is that we still rely on an incredibly dirty fossil fuel to power our lives, when nuclear is both safer and renewable if used properly.

You can find all my reasons for preferring nuclear, as well as commentary about the Chinese coal situation (6500 deaths per year) at Earth Sentinel (http://earthsentinel.com) where you will also find peak oil, renewable energy, and climate change news.

I saw the same reversal on Fox. The newscaster who came on with the news "Alert" couldn't get a word in edgewise for 2-3 minutes as the Fox reporter on the ground kept up what could only be described as hysterics.

Not just the jubilant rejoicing of the people he interviewed, but the actual reporter himself. Shrieking, crying out, all emotion and no substantive reporting.

Meanwhile, any question that was actually answered revealed that no one actually knew anything, nor had any miners actually come up out of the mine. All heresay.

Then this am, the network is airing extensive clips about the families being "lied to."

I'm sure it wasn't just Fox that got caught peddling unsubstantiated rumors as fact. But to then turn around and pretend they weren't at least as much (if not more) responsible for the false report, to me that is the height of jounralistic malpractice.

This is the new old Media. Might as well be scripted Soap Opera, or nickleodeon pictures of the damsels tied to the railroad tracks. Just about as accurate.

It was every news organization that was there... I didn't see any of it on television - I read the story ONLINE at about 12:30 or 1am this morning. It was reported as fact - as if the news media had actually talked to officials of the company for the information.

Now the same news media that was so instrumental in spreading the unfounded stories will be whipping these families up into a frenzy of hatred against the "big bad company". Urging them to sue. It's as predictable as clockwork. (I've said it before Fox News is no better or worse than CNN...)

It has already started. In about 48 hours the true story will be unrecognizable, buried under an avalanche of misinformation and disinformation... just wait and see.

BTW - Instalanche. *grin*

Its apparent that the media still hasn't learned to do its job--investigate, cross-check, interview, verify and report. Its the exact same outcome as with the Katrina media fiasco--rush to broadcast any and every rumor without any sort of investigative activity, just get it out there breathlessly and stupidly. Then blame someone else and give yourself awards. Pathetic.

They've learned nothing since Katrina, but have we? How about this: don't belive anything you hear from the media. Period.

the overripe Rita Cosby

Ohhhhhh. Genius.

I think the Anderson Cooper wannabe you refer to, Sissy, is Bill Hemmer -- I coincidentally mentioned him on Althouse, where I got your link.

I was also blogging late late at night, after having fallen to sleep hearing that though one fatality was reported, the other miners were alive.

I make a plea not to politicise this event, even though the press going at Governor Manchin, tried their hardest in the wee hours.


Almost 12 hours later, and I haven't changed my tune.

God bless all the families involved...



Oops. I see there is no HTML for urls or quoting in the comments.

This angers me. It seems that the media is convienently sidestepping on who really leaked out that bad information. I'm pretty sure it did start somewhere-whether it be an irresponsible reporter to a starstruck employee/official. I think whoever leaked this falsehood should be dealt with, because it wasn't only misinformation that this individual spewed, it was dashing the hopes of loved ones and in the most cruel way.

God Bless the miner's families.

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