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January 22, 2006


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And a good thing it is. Television made it to easy for poseurs. People became lazy when they didn't have to read the news and were led where the fabricators of the news wished them to go. Now Fox News has broken the monopoly of the broadcasters, and the internet has made it impossible for false written news to go unquestioned.

No one would be worried about PC if this was Bird Flu... If Africans were carrying that to other countries and spreading disease it would be quashed immediately! But since it's AIDS - the most politically active disease out there... being carried in by Africans (one assumes people of color) - well God forbid we do anything to stop that... it's discrimination I tell you!!!

Here'a a real idiot late-night me-too comment: Harvard's (well, "Radcliffe") my alma mater too! And I instinctively avoided the Pill too!

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