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January 16, 2006


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"The Most Trusted Man in America"

It's amazing how a news organization can come up with an advertising slogan and people just take it as given. Whoever came up with that one at CBS should have gotten just tons of money (he probably didn't - but he should have) since all these years later... people still attach the slogan to Cronkite's name.

If he ever was the "most trusted man" it wasn't in my house! My parents despised him and I thought he was looney toons once I got a little bit older and could understand what he was talking about.

Of course he also despises bloggers - we have unfettered opinion and a place to display it. This bothers Cronkite - he thinks we should be regulated. How dare we actually hold an opinion and publish it to the world - without an editor to tell us whether it's right or wrong.

In a world of imperfect humans the question today is shall we survive. The Islamic religious fanatics have all the sense of superiority of a Cronkite and none of the benevlolence of MLK

What Crankite doesn't get is that the media IS trying - desperately - to recreate his Vietnam "success", and the PLENTY have stepped up to the plate.

The difference is the internet, and the alternative info available therein, which has resulted in liberal batters repeatedly being struck out and sent back to the bleachers (Howell Raines, Jason Blair, Andrew Gilligan, Dan Rather, Mary Mapes etc etc) when "The Rest of the Story" is made available to discerning viewers.

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