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January 28, 2006


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The United States was founded on the determination to escape the tyranny of ruling classes. The liberals want to be a ruling class. Unfortunately. their ideas of how to lead are inadequate and generaly unproductive for the welfare of our society. We must be thankful that there are voices leading us out of the liberal wilderness.

Actually Rush has been making that point for years now. So I'd have to say that you both come to the conclusion by deduction from what you see. *grin*

The Left had not only years of the media backing them - they've had years of the Right bowing to them also. Just have a look at Washington today - you'd never know that the Republicans are in power - they continue to not lead with a vengance.

It's people like Rush (who started the party) and bloggers who have honed their arguing skills that are leading the libertarian and conservative movements. The politicians are still stuck in the dark ages. The liberal left are finding it difficult to argue when all they have on their side is a "feeling".

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