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January 26, 2006


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Not a girl thing or a boy thing. It's just something that the kitties bring out in us humans. Kittykins, Lucykins, Little Miss Black Ears etc ad infinitum. Purrk the Lurk, Mr. P, Waterbaby, and so it goes.

The great hubby has a special song for Captain the Wonder Cat. I don't think the tune is original, in fact I think it is the same tune of one of those Southpark characters..the poopy one. Anyway, it's sweet. Captain likes it but Sabby runs to hide when he starts to sing his. It's, "We're having Sabaroni...it tastes like Sabaroni. Sabaroni's good to eat. Sabaroni's really neat......... On and on. It horrifies Sabby. Captain loves his. Can you tell which one the old COL favors?

Worthy opinions on a worthy subject! Miss Patches Snowboots approves, rolling over and over to express her delight!

"Sometimes it's a bit early when she and Baby start their relentless breakfast campaigns while we are trying to get a few extra z's..."

Oh, yeah. Familiar territory, that. At least Matata usually allows us an extra hour on the weekends.

Nicknames? Our cats' names are bizarre enough, but yes, we have 'em.

Hakuna: 'Kuna, 'Na, or Koonis.
Matata: 'Tata, or 'Ta, The Hairy Meatloaf, The Load, or Her Nibs.

My cat's name is Frank, short for Frankinsence (because he was a stray, found just before Christmas). He is called every variation of Frank I can think of. Including famous Frank's like Sinatra.

He is also the subject (or victim) of "Frank Songs", which are basically any song in my head, usually Christmas Carols or TV Themes with the lyrics changed to Frank-related subject matter.

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