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January 20, 2006


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Let us hope that you are right and that the bloggers will lead to "a new birth of freedom." Freedom from the mind-control efforts of the advocates of "we know best, and you are blank slates whom we are guiding to what we know is best."

There's definitely hope - where did Frey's cover first get blown? Smoking Gun's website (in defiance of a threatened lawsuit from Frey), and it flowed outward from there to the major networks, ultimately forcing Oprah to answer for her endorsement of AMLP on air. The fact that she fell back on the "fake but accurate" defense should surprise no one; I'm sure she thought about going with the more visceral "that BASTARD - he USED me!!" line, but decided against it because A) Frey's popularity from her endorsement fed back to her show and B) a lot of her less classy viewers would regard that response as evidence that Oprah was just "some dumb ho who got tricked" (I like her for the most part but her audience is not 100% enlightened and she knows it), which would lose her some ratings.

Incidentally, this whole thing hit when I was midway through AMLP (my wife's copy ahem), and was struggling with one of the Jimmy/Lilly scenes, the one where poor Jimbo was relating how he lost his virginity in one of the most pathetically transparent bids for a sympathy f--- I have ever witnessed; when I saw the expose on Smoking Gun I was like "yep, that sounds about right".

Scott has here provided an invaluable public service by revealing just enough actual specific content of the book to insure that I will never, ever read it. Thanks, Scott!

That said, I'm sure Oprah's ticked, but agree that her world demands the ratings, and her response was calculated to preserve whatever she could.


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