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January 12, 2006


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You are pretty Sissy....obviously feminine. Nothing like the Mussorgsky....who had no eyebrows. Yours arch high with disdain at whoever is photographing you.

God bless you, Sissy Willis, for having the courage to post this. Now I feel so much better about my proposed matches, which ran the gamut from J.R.R. Tolkein to Ariel Sharon. (The cutest in the list was Clark Gable.)

I think they're giving too much emphasis to the nose!

Ugh, I spelled Mussorgsky wrong in the previous comment. I tried it too and my daughters got a kick out of seeing who their celebrity matches were. One photo of me I posted matched with Cary Grant. What's up with that???? And some were old men. But also Meg Ryan. Thanks for some fun on a very dreary and sad night for us.

No worries, Sissy. The software's closest match for me was Aung San Suu Kyi, the Burmese democracy activist and Nobel Peace Prize winner, and it even matched me better than 50% with Barack Obama.

I think they're both very interesting people, but I'm a fat, florid-faced redneck of Scots extraction, unlikely to be mistaken on the street for someone of Asian or African ancestry.

My verdict: the face-matching software needs work.

A clear example of the program's excessive dependence on camara angle mentioned in the comments at Drezner. Try using whatever image-processing program in which you cropped your submission, and rotate counterclockwise a few degrees. I would expect a very different matchup.

Well, it is very interesting and I must say that their both are very interesting people...

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