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January 24, 2006


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Author way off base.
I grew up in am impoverished area of the US.
We were conservatives in our belief system and life style.
We called it "personal resposibility".
Even though we did not have much what we had was ours. Our home, our money, our personal pride in paying our way. It used to be called Hauling Your Own Freight.
I imagine those in rural Kansas feel the same way we did.
Our parents had a generational outlook where they worked so we would have it better. I did not say easier just better. My parents would never have envisioned the massive spending on social programs. Why should they support someone they did not know. That would be their family or communities responsibility. It certainly would not be our job to support someone across the country. When we had extra we helped our nieghbors and contributed to the church.
The important thing to remember is that it was our choice to give and help.
God Bless

Democrats "nicer and more altruistic"? Try debating one-- any give-and-take whatever degenerates into spluttering incoherence, liberally (pun intended) sprinkled with gross obscenities. "Altruistic"-- if you mean vote-buying at productive citizens' expense, you got it, Charlie. Last I saw, not one in ten Democrat Senators had a net worth less than seven figures, and as we know from Kennedy, Kerry, and their ilk, their proportional tax payments amount to low single-digits with virtually no charitable deductions mentioned.

Leftists in general exhibit severe bi-polar disorder, ranging from extreme narcissism on personal levels to megalomaniacal Statism in public arenas. The conflict is absolute: Collectively, they "are as Gods" [Lenin]; as individuals, they amount to zip-squat-- nichts, nada, nichevo; nothing. From T.S. Eliot's "hollow men" to Erich Hoffer, we know them well... depressed, dysfunctional, lacking integrity, incapable of coherent rational argument. Labels hardly matter... but when the same derangement syndrome persists in identical political circumstances, as it has with these strange-os since the days of Andrew Jackson, we are entitled to think such attitudes, such moods, are petulant mewings for attention rather than "politics" as commonly understood.

Imagine-- the heirs of Wild Willy Clinton, of Jane and John, presume to address any issues in terms other than personal incumbency? Change partisan labels in any controversy since 2000, and all of them would go away, except where opposition to any Defecrat claptrap entails termination with extreme prejudice.

D-rats are not made, they're born. Fortunately, there's an appropriate Darwinian solution: If they don't abort their young, they perish early of intellectual starvation, moral neglect. How about a DYFS for Dean, Reid, Pelosi, Durbin et.al.? Or maybe Ward Churchill could ping 'em with a flaming arrow. George Galloway's eulogy would indeed be a fun thing.

I think Natan has it right. The so-called liberals fear freedom. Thanks for a most insightful discussion.

"...they vote not according to their economic best interests..."

Obviously this Frank person has zero clue of how economics works. In other words - the people of Kansas may feel that a stronger economy (less taxes more jobs) would be better for them economically in the long run. AND far far better for them economically in the future.

Looks like Frank only looks at the immediate picture... you need money, we'll give you welfare to subsist on... it will never get better and never be more, but it's in your self interest in the immediate time frame.

So, he is completely and totally wrong about them not voting for their own economic self interest. But what else can you expect of a liberal who thinks the government should be taking care of everyone all the time, instead of people taking care of themselves with maybe a little help when they hit a bad patch.

Great post! John Blake hits it on the head too.

Just wanted to say I love your photos of Tiny and Baby. I'm too young to properly understand your talk of politics...

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