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January 03, 2006


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You know - the antibiotics might be making her feel a bit queasy. She may not be back completely to her old self until the meds are done. People often feel that way too - even though the antibiotics are good for killing off the nasties... you often don't feel so hot while they work their magic.

Don't let the asthma thing frighten you. Ivy- my little chestwarmer- is asthmatic and has been under medication for this for about six years now. All this involves is a shot of Depro-Provera every sixty days (give or take). She is still the same annoying, impatient little twitch she always has been. Generally, she will start to gulp and turn clingy about a week before her shot is due, which provides a useful early-warning system.
One BIG recommendation I will make is to request from your vet some asthma medication/Depro in pill form: cats know when there is NO WAY to get them to the vet and time their attacks based on this knowledge. The ability to stave off a needed trip for a couple of days (until the roads get plowed, or the holiday is over and the vet's office is open again, or the car is back out of the shop) can be an absolute lifesaver.

Hey, sisu... I know I don't need to remind you to ive her lots of quiet, peaceful snuggles and skritchies. Will you give her some some loving purrs from Aunt 'Cat?

... And, I'm just *loving* your pics... Do you sleep with your camera, or what? ;-)

Apparently, Amazon/Canon is offering up to triple rebates on qualified purchases, and I'm VERY interested in the EOS Rebel.....

-- R'cat
CatHouse Chat

Sissy --

The Winn Feline Foundation (http://www.winnfelinehealth.org/studies.html) has an ongoing study relating to feline asthma. It might be good to write to them and see if they have any info that would be helpful to you and your vet.


I actually had my cat treated by an herbalist. Crazy as it sounds, it actually does work. Emy [my kitty] was sneezing and had a weepy eye. A well placed vitamin blends from the herbalist, and she's all cured! Plus, the administration of a tuna mix is the path of least resistance. It's a lot more gentler, and yet cheaper than going to a vet. However, I would not suggest eliminating the vet entirely. Also, herbalists are trained in treating through diet and vitamins, so it kind of amalgamates itself more easily into life.

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