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January 02, 2006


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As far as blogging goes... I don't think there's a single Senator in office who would be able to blog. The thing about the Senate and the reason why they make such abysmal Presidential candidates, is that they are always compromising, always doing a deal... the "Party" of the Senator doesn't even matter. It's like this blob of dough - you poke it and your finger just goes in and in and in, never really getting anywhere in particular. When is the last time you heard a straight answer from any Senator?

Hillary Clinton puts other Senators like Kennedy and Durbin to shame in her ability to manipulate words. But the manipulation is in the illogical persuations she uses. That's much easier to get away with when speaking rather than writing. Bloggers would tear her to shreds in an instant.

I think there are some House of Representative people who could blog and do a good job of it... as long as they aren't "poll" oriented. But being a politician is generally not a blogger friendly occupation - blogging means putting yourself on the line with what you believe... this leads to making certain sets of people angry, something few politicians want to do on a regular basis.

You it right about politics and blogging and Teresa has it right about blogging and politicians.

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