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January 12, 2006


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Thanks so much for the update.The way I feel is that all cats are my cat and I want Tiny to be well and back home with Baby and you guys as soon as possible.

I am keeping my fingers crossed for Tiny's complete recovery and that her pictures will soon be gracing the pages of this blog again..

We are all pulling for the Tiny one.

She's not a pussycat at all -- she's a Tiny piece of your heart.

I'm keeping you all in my prayers.

I'd be scared and easily stressed if I were in the hospital too... poor Tiny... positive thought of the day... The Medicine WILL Work!

Hugs to Baby who must be missing Tiny so very much.

Our best wishes and prayers for a speedy and complete recovery go out to Tiny.

They may be "just animals" to some, but our Animal Companions are an important piece of our lives, giving us their love and loyalty. And opportunities for skritches.

Refua shlema (Hebrew: "a complete healing") wishes to Tiny.

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