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January 01, 2006


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Is THAT what all the helicopter activity is about. They've been flying back and forth out here all day long - not something that happens very often *grin*. We couldn't figure out what it was all about. I shall pass it on to my husband.

awwww... cute kitty... just surfed in off of Michelle Malkin's site
have a happy new year

I commute several times a week into town from Cape Ann. Every time the bridge is closed I get a sick feeling in my stomach. So far it's always been the LNG. . .

During more innocent times when I was too dumb to be afraid of the things, I used to look out for the tankers from my window, run outside, see where they came from and follow them for a while on foot. If the tanker was registered Algerian or (much more rarely) Tunisian, I'd wave and holler things like bonjour, comment ça-va, etc to the sailors.

Don't know if I'd have continued doing this after 9/11 (left Eastie 09/01).

So, the LNG Speculator/Pirates out here on the Oregon northwest coast tell us the security measures are working beautifully in Boston Harbor and all the way up to Everett, is it?

Is it?

Weve got one site about 20 miles up the Columbia River, "Bradwood Landing/Northern Star Natural Gas", that seems to have a pretty good chance of making it through the siting process.

Should we keep up the fight against it?

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