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January 16, 2006


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Tiny looks contented in her photo.

I am very glad to hear Tiny is back to feeling fine.

She looks beautiful.

Very good! I'm glad that Tiny is doing all right. I wonder if Big from Cat of the Day is thinking about her...

What a beautiful girl she is - I'm very happy for you and her that she seems to have pulled through ok! Vets are worth their weight in platinum.

It's so good to see Tiny back to her old self! She's a beautiful kitty. :)

Tiny looks good. When they start taking care of their fur they are doing better. Sissy, you are a great photographer.

That's great news, made my day.

So glad she pulled through ok and is back to her old self. Don't envy the care involved but shrimp is good, nice reward for her.

Beautiful cat, beautiful photos. A good way to start any given Friday, but even better this day, knowing Tiny is back up to speed.

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